General Regulations


v School uniform is an integral part of school discipline and the students should pay attention to it. Student should come to school neat and tidy each day with clothes ironed and shoes polished.

v Students are to give due respect to teachers and show due courtesy to other students. This being a co-educational institution, the boys should have a decent attitude towards the girls.

v Student who damage or disfigure /mutilate the school property will be fined and punished.

v All correspondence must be addressed to the principal

v Parent and guardians are not allowed to visit their wards or their teachers in the classrooms

v Parents are requested to go through their child’s dairy daily and read all the notices that are sent through their wards from time to time.

v English being the medium of instruction, parents must encourage their children to speak in English at home and with their friends.

v Use of mobile phone is prohibited in the school premises. If caught will be confiscated.

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