Founder's Message


We at New Angel public School believe that the only way to success is by life-long learning through hard work, concentration and continued application. In 1999, we started on our journey to establish an educational institute, New Angel Public School, with this belief in mind. Since then, it has been a journey of continuous learning and academic excellence. In today’s world, parents put in a lot of efforts to provide the best possible learning opportunities to their children. The main reason for starting New Angel Public School was to give children the opportunity to achieve their academic potential. Our academic programme helps children to develop their knowledge & in the process prepare them for a successful life and become great stalwarts of our society.

Along with this, we also ensure the growth of a child in a disciplined and caring environment. Our curriculum, our faculty members and each & every member of the New Angel Public School family put in their host to ensure the overall development of each child into a successful member of our society.

S. Jaswant Singh Saini






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